Hi, I'm Tristan, Shorty Award's Snapchatter of the Year Nominee. I make interactive & viral content! I aim to push the boundaries of storytelling with my family-friendly channel that features a variety of stories, ranging from scripted sketches and partially-animated adventures to short films and hilarious man-on-the-street interactions with strangers. 


Storytelling is about authenticity and spontaneity. I aim to pioneer new storytelling styles on these exponentially-growing platforms. 

When I'm not working on my content, I'm working with brands to show the world theirs.

Brand Collaborations:

“The essential components to branded Snapchat programming are as simple as finding a relatable voice to provide an authentic POV and leveraging brand access to offer excliusive peeks into a VIP lifestyle. Coke's recent use of influencer TristanTales has provided a fun and witty voice that leverages the power and universal awareness of the Coca-Cola brand."

- Forbes

“TristanTales uses snapchat to make every day life an adventure. Think you’ve got what it takes to brave the wild? For snapchat sensation, TristanTales, exploring mysterious and sometimes treacherous worlds are just part of the job. My man Tristan has no fear and no boundaries as he forges through the harsh wilderness of college life. It’s all in good fun. This dude is racking up the snapchat fans both on and off campus.”

- Nick Cannon

"What moved Snapchat from teenage photo-sharing to branding powerhouse was the launch of Stories: videos that can be seen by friends and followers. TristanTales has worked with brands including Coca Cola, Fox, and MGM to create stories that go viral."

- Inc.

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