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Tristan is an actor, director, and trailblazing storyteller, revolutionizing the way stories are told and experienced in this generation. Tristan’s widely known interactive and viral creations aim to push the boundaries of storytelling through a magnitude of traditional and digital platforms, and has resulted in a Shorty Award nomination.

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4 million+ followers


Influencer Marketing

Whether it’s hosting high-profile red carpet events for Disney, jumping out of a plane for Red Bull, or taking down animated dragons and zombies for Amazon, Tristan Tales has shown his ability to seamlessly incorporate branded messaging into his unique vfx-driven and adventurous storytelling style. With a resumé that includes so many top brands, it’s no wonder he has become the go-to storyteller for engaging, premium branded stories on Social Media.

Recent campaigns:

Brand: Poppy

Platform: TikTok

Brand: American Eagle

Platform: TikTok

8M+ Views

5M+ Views

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